Allstar Performance Store

The key to success in any car building project, whether race car, street rod, or street machine, is access to high quality, reasonably priced parts that will get the job done right - the first time. Each and every Allstar part came about as a direct result of our dedication to continuous research and development. Once a need for a particular part is established, the parts are designed and manufactured by talented craftsmen, many of whom are racers and hot rodders themselves. Remember, many Allstar Performance parts are one-of-a-kind, you won't find them anywhere else at any price!

Spring Ramp
Ramp welds to the flat spring pocket area of aftermarket control arms to support the open end of conventional 5-1/2" springs, allowing springs to be used in the traditional position.
Radiused Climbing Style Frame Mount Panhard Bar Bracket
Easily adjust your Panhard bar with only one wrench! Climbing style adjuster allows any amount of adjustment without having to remove or re-align any spacer/tabs. Radiused slot so you don't have to re-square the rear end after adjustments. Steel bracket with inside/outside mounting holes (most modifieds and GRT) fits 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square tubing. Bracket includes hardware.
Quick Turn Spring Adjuster
This tool is a must when adjusting tension of quick turn springs. Simply turn knob on adjuster to evenly pull or push spring without kinking or breaking spring.
Race Car Lift
Portable lift collapses to a low 3" profile and raises up to 17". Weighing only 85 lbs., lift is easily positioned under race car to raise off the ground simplifying tire changes and chassis tuning. Strong 14 gauge steel lift will support up to 2,800 Lbs. Complete system includes a 110V AC 3/4HP hydraulic pump with cord and plug, hydraulic cylinders with down assist canisters, 1" bolt on risers for cars with raised frame rails, safety struts to lock raised lift in place, assist handle and 20' of hydraulic quick connect hose to attach pump to lift. The pump provides power up/gravity down operation and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, typically mounted to trailer or a hand cart. A push-button on the motor starts the unit to raise lift. To lower, a manually operated release valve is used for finger-tip control of lowering speed. Pump is compatible with hydraulic fluid, ATF, 10W30 or 10W40 oil (not included). Assembly is required, all hardware included.
Filter Cleaning Station
Filter cleaning station simplifies and speeds up the process of servicing 14" washable air filters. Spray air filter with a cleaner/degreaser as recommended by filter manufacturer, allow a brief time to soak then flush clean with a garden hose. Allow filter to dry completely rotating as necessary. Once filter is dry, use stand to rotate filter for even application of filter oil, if applicable. For use with washable filter elements only. Filter not included.
Modified Bumper Extended Length
Extended length front bumper is constructed from 1-1/2" x .095" wall mild steel tubing. Bumper is universal fit and extends out 21" from frame mount to the leading edge of the bumper and measures 40" wide at frame mounting points. Weighs less than 20 lbs.
Third Link Assembly Without Bushings
Third link assembly designed to increase traction to rear tires uses interchangeable polyurethane bushings (sold separately, two required) to absorb energy under acceleration and braking. Bushings can be quickly changed to adjust to changing track conditions. Assembly is 2-1/4" wide x 3" tall and has a 3/4"-16 RH chrome moly stud for attaching a suspension tube. 3/4" ID inner steel bushings are stepped to keep link centered in poly bushings. Note: A good starting point is a 70 durometer acceleration bushing and 90 durometer brake bushing.
Tire Siper Holder
Bracket bolts to electric tire prep stand ALL10565 and holds ALL10266 heated tire siper.
Suspension Limiter
Single bushing suspension limiter is commonly used on the chassis LR or RR to limit travel during acceleration "hike up" and control roll steer. Double bushing limiter is often used on the lift bar to control lift bar travel on deceleration. Bushing design reduces or absorbs shock when suspension is limited and helps reduce tire unloading. Top plate is drilled to attach a 1/2" rod end when used in a shock mount or for attaching to a weight jack bolt with 7/16"-20 internal threads using optional chrome moly stud ALL64304. Clevis has a 3/8" hole for simple attachment to a chain or cables.
Limiter Chain Kit
Commonly used to limit rear suspension or lift bar travel. 3/16" x 18" long chain link will accept a 3/8" bolt or pin but may be modified to accept up to a 1/2" bolt. Chain can be easily cut to required length. Shrink sleeve installs over chain and when heated with a heat gun shrinks to keep chain in position and prevent from binding or catching on itself.